A music video by Evie Waddell.

‘Fios no Fois’ is a self-penned Gaelic song written as an exploration of my personal experience of sound, in collaboration with sound engineer Keir Long.

The piece was created as part of a creative exploration of elements such as distortion, the significance or vibration, register and technological engineering of penetrating sounds/instruments.

The song and accompanying choreography also capture some of the confusions of deaf experience as well as the defiance to express oneself.

‘Fios no Fois’ does not translate well: “Information or Relaxation”, describing the choices a deaf person often has, either straining constantly to hear what is being said, or choosing not to and gaining more relaxation. It is also a call to political action/advocacy/awareness.

It was written as part of a writing workshop, Bothan an Oran by Mary Ann Kennedy.

* Won 'Cluich as Fheàrr/Best Performance' at the FilmG Festival 2024 *
Written, performed & directed by Evie Waddell
Filmed & edited by Will Clark
First Assistant Camera Klarissa Webster
Gaffer / Production Assistant Scott Campbell
Special Thanks Evie Waddell & Will Clark
Sign Language Translation Ciaran Stewart & Craig McCulloch
Sound by Keir Long
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